We are the only all-girls Quaker school in the UK. Led by our Quaker Ethos we provide a high quality rounded and caring education. We follow the Quaker principles of truth, integrity, respect, simplicity, equality and sustainability.

The Mount’s school motto, Fidelis in Parvo, literally translates as: ‘Faithful in small things’

It summarises our confident belief in each and every one of our girls, which our Quaker education helps nurture and grow.  We value each member of The Mount community equally, no matter where they are from or their beliefs.  We aim to create a community that sees the best in everyone, helps our girls discover the best in themselves and others, and want to make a positive difference in the word.

At The Mount School everyone has an equal voice

All girls attend regular ‘meetings’ (similar to assemblies), pupils and staff come together during this time.  Here everyone has an equal voice and the opportunity to speak.  Meetings in both the Senior and Junior Schools include a period of silence, in the Quaker style.

“Principles and values are actively promoted which facilitate the personal development of pupils as responsible, tolerant, law-abiding citizens.”

“A strong sense of community and social responsibility are embedded across all areas and facets of the school, in line with the Quaker philosophy.”
ISI Inspection 2018

This provides older girls with the chance to reflect and gather their thoughts and to think of the world around us.  Younger children learn to sit quietly and think about their feelings. Every girl is provided with the opportunity to have her voice heard.  Girls learn to articulate their thoughts and listen to their friends, appreciating their opinions and views.  It is in this calm and supportive environment that our pupils build confidence in their own beliefs and opinions.

A Quaker education at The Mount School does more than just prepare girls for academic achievement. It prepares them for life

The Quaker Values on which our School is founded help Mount girls go out into society as people who combine responsibility and independence with an open-minded, questioning attitude. Our pupils become the people who will help to make the world a better place.

Quaker Faith and Practice

To learn more, about the Quakers Faith and practices please download our publication ‘Faith and Practice’ which has been adapted by Helen Snelson, Head of History, who is a practising Quaker.

Faith And Practice at a Quaker School – The Mount School York

Find out more about Quaker Schools at The Quaker Education website.

My first few weeks at The Mount have been amazing, everyone has been really kind and I’ve made lots of new friends. All the lessons have been really fun and my favourite so far are Latin, Drama, Art, Science and Geography. The teachers are exceptionally kind and I really like the way they support you no matter what.

Current Year 7