Creating an environment where every girl is valued and able to flourish and grow in confidence is at the heart of The Mount School ethos 

Based on the Quaker Values of simplicity, truth, equality, peace and social justice our School Ethos acts as a foundation upon which the whole community and learning environment is built. Girls at the Mount School York are happy, compassionate and caring and our aim is to help them become incredible self-aware individuals, confident to stand up for what they believe, showing passion in argument without arrogance, whilst being tolerant and accepting other viewpoints.

The Mount School Values are reflected in every aspect of School life.

Respect and value every individual
Freedom to flourish in a calm and caring community
Strive for personal excellence
Think and live adventurously
Make a positive contribution to our changing world

The Mount School York Learning Wheel

The Mount School Learning Wheel connects our School Values to the teaching and learning throughout The Mount School.  It demonstrates how our five values underpin a Mount Education in and out of the classroom. Our aim is for our girls to flourish not just academically but also emotionally and socially.

To view a larger version of the The Mount School Learning Wheel please click here.

Our Aims

As a Quaker day and boarding school, our overarching aims for our pupils are:

  • to provide a happy, supportive, friendly and creative environment. Every girl is unique and we aim to develop the individual potential of every child. We seek to feed the pupil’s curiosity and encourage questioning and discussion.
  • to enrich the lives of young girls in our care by affirming the spiritual dimension of human nature. The school’s Quaker ethos encourages pupils to look for “that of God” in everyone, to recognise and value endeavours of others, to take pleasure in others’ success and to go forward in life with a sense of adventure.
  • to provide an education that challenges the most able and broadens the horizons and outlook of all; fostering confidence and independent thinking.
  • to run efficiently, be ecologically sound and support the whole school community through ethical and effective business practices.
  • to develop a sense of service and a joy in the rich variety of life through the extra-curricular activities of the School. Pupils support charitable causes and have active involvement in the wider community which helps them to develop as fully rounded individuals.