Pupil Voice

At The Mount School we believe pupils should be heard and their thoughts valued; we listen to pupils’ views and they know they can contribute positively and make a difference within the whole School. School Councils and Sport Committees allow pupils to form and voice their own opinions. We are a small school and therefore know all our pupils well, they are not lost amongst the crowd and have the confidence to speak out. Our unique collaborative community allows pupils of all ages to be themselves within a school filled with kindness, friendship and respect.

“Pupils display excellent social skills and awareness of others. They support and encourage each other, creating particularly open and friendly relationships.” ISI Inspection 2018

Outstanding Opportunities

At The Mount girls from Pre-School to Sixth Form are encouraged to try everything developing a ‘Can Do’ attitude. We help all our pupils discover their passions and talents by providing a wealth of opportunities.  From a young age, we teach a broad range of subjects providing a wealth of opportunity.  We offer an excellent provision in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Specialist teachers teach performing and creative arts. Pupils have every chance to achieve many different accomplishments and are not restricted by stereotypes.

“Pupils achieve highly in a wide range of cultural, technical, sporting, creative and community centred pursuits.” ISI Inspection 2018

Our Quaker Ethos

The Mount School’s ethos is led by our Quaker values: simplicity, truth, equality, peace and social justice.  Every individual pupil is valued and taught to value themselves and respect others. The Mount School’s environment nurtures the confidence or every pupil encouraging them to ‘live adventurously’ try new experiences and discover the world around them.

“Pupils’ spiritual understanding is a particular strength. They appreciate the non-material aspects of life at extremely high levels.” ISI Inspection 2018