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Early Years Autumn Excitement


Pupils in Early Years have been relishing the cooler months by getting excited about all the upcoming Autumn festivities.  

The girls have been discussing what Autumn means to them, Harvest, the tradition of All Hallows’ Eve, and many children’s favourite, the modern-day Halloween as we know it now. Each exciting theme has opened a plethora of opportunities to explore, starting off simply, with the many ways in which the environment around the school has changed as we enter Autumn. During their outdoor learning time, the girls talked about the colours of the leaves, the fallen apples, and the squirrels on campus who are busily gathering their food for winter. The crunching leaves as they walked down the school paths were a highlight.  

In preparation for the upcoming Harvest Festival celebration next week, Early Years have been rehearsing their song choice, ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful.’ Alongside the performance, pupils will be showing their artwork inspired by the classic hymn.

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