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Libby Competes in National Biathle Championships

Well done to Libby who had a great day competing in the National Biathle Championships at Millfield in Somerset yesterday. Amongst a field of almost 40 athletes, she completed three continuous events: an 800m run followed by 200m swim and yet another 800m run. She maintained an impressive pace throughout, placing in the swim and completing the entire event within 8 minutes 15 seconds.
I enjoy training for the events, so when I get to compete, it’s rewarding and fun,” says Libby, who entered online and remains unfazed by the level of competition. She finished half-way through the overall field and is looking forward to her next major event, which is the Biathlon in the Summer. Despite having got home (very) late on Sunday, Libby was still up at 5am this morning for training in the pool.
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