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Blake & Gauguin: College Trip to London


College Artists and English students enjoyed a trip to London to take in the Blake exhibition at the Tate Britain and the Gauguin exhibition at the National Gallery.

Pity c.1795 William Blake 1757-1827 Presented by W. Graham Robertson 1939

Head of Art, Sian Gabraitis, said, “The contrast of the two exhibitions was quite stark and it was good for the girls to appreciate the differences between the two. Blake’s works included smaller paintings, prints and illustrations. It was particularly useful for the girls studying English literature. Interestingly, Blake’s wife was also involved in his work and we learned that he often got involved in colouring and finishing off his pieces, particularly the drawings. The Gauguin exhibition on the other hand was very post-impressionist, vibrant and colourful.

The trip was great and the exhibitions were really useful. It was also good to go and see the other works in the galleries. I am working on a project on seascapes so I really enjoyed looking at the Turner works depicting the seasons, storms and ocean scenes,” said Amy.

I really enjoyed the Gauguin. The gallery had a film which explored the background of his portraits which was very informative. I enjoyed getting to know more about the different painting styles and media they used to create those styles, whether it was oils, acrylics or other charcoals,” said Sonia.

“When Will You Marry?” by Paul Gauguin, 1892,_Nafea_Faa_Ipoipo?_1892,_oil_on_canvas,_101_x_77_cm.jpg