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Boarders Take a Walk on the Wildlife Side


This weekend, our Boarders had a wonderful time visiting Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

Life in a boarding school is bustling with activity. Although lockdown restrictions curtailed our boarders’ opportunities to enjoy their usual activities on weekends, House staff kept the girls entertained with alternative pursuits, proving Alice Walker’s description that imagination “can go anywhere, can do anything.” Activities included quiz nights, games nights, baking, and even trying their hand at a spot of indoor gardening.

This weekend, however, boarders were finally able to take a trip. The girls travelled to Doncaster to visit Yorkshire Wildlife Park. And they loved it.

I liked it because it was the first activity we’ve been on since the pandemic started. It was fun to get away together.” – Elisha

I quite enjoyed it. It was nice to finally go outside for a lot of hours and look at all the animals.” – Abigail

I liked the Vasayan pig, it was quite brazen.” – Angelina