The Mount School is situated in the beautiful and historic city of York, where our 16 acres’ site is only a fifteen minutes walk from the railway station and city centre.


You can travel by train from London in just under two hours

York is only 90 minutes by direct train from Manchester Airport. York is also within easy commuting distance from Leeds-Bradford and Newcastle Airports.

York is one of the UK’s largest tourist destinations  

It has all the modern amenities of a truly cosmopolitan city, bustling with quality activities and shopping; pass inside the walled city and around the world-famous Minster, and York’s extensively rich history becomes a delight to explore.

Dinners out, shopping or visiting the many cafes

York offers a great location for our girls to take a break from academic studies. The security and convenience of York provides our boarders with the independence and freedom to discover their surroundings. York benefits from an extensive academic community, with its world-renowned universities and rich cultural life. Boarders enjoy a range of cultural experiences, including visits to the theatre and many museums. We also enjoy close links with York University, with visits from lecturers and trips to visit the campus.

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