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Bonfire Night Fun


Families and friends, guardians and guests joined pupils and staff for a truly spectacular Bonfire Night celebration on a wonderfully clear evening.

Guests arrived via the Tennis Courts, beautifully lit with lanterns created by Year 7, and warmed themselves with a delicious BBQ by our caterers Wilson Vale before walking down to New to take their places in front of the braziers and acoustic speakers for the final show.

The fireworks were set off by Kilmeny (College II) and Lily (Year 7), being the oldest and youngest girls in the Senior School and in accordance with a school tradition dating back over a century. The fireworks were set to music by the supergroup, Queen, and were a real crowd-pleaser on many levels.

Earlier in the evening, Senior School girls had gathered by School Hall to play Games In The Dark, another tradition where Year 11s create a series of challenges, games and puzzles for the other girls. This year’s theme was ‘Escape the Nunnery’. The hosts, dressed as ghostly nuns, eerily challenged the rest of the Senior girls to work in their House teams and find a series of keys for their escape.