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Carlton Escapades


Year 7 enjoyed their 3-day residential stay at Carlton Lodge, climbing (trees), shooting (arrows), kayaking and leaping their way around to get to know their new classmates.

Carlton Lodge was fun and I really liked all the activities.” – Lorna

It was very exciting. My favourite thing was when I jumped out on the leap of faith.” – Jenny

Even though it was really scary, I really enjoyed the Leap of Faith.” – Florence

My favourite thing was the kayaking.” – Livia

Zipwire was my favourite. Overall, it was a really good experience because I made more friends and it was good to just get to know everyone better.” – Eva

I liked the Leap of Faith because you virtually could have died if you hadn’t had your harness on.” – Miryam

I liked climbing up the really difficult higher ropes because not everyone could do it, but I wasn’t one of those people.” – Yasmine