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Christmas Card Design Competition


The results are in of our Christmas Card Design Competition 2020. Senior School girls were invited to create and submit their own original Christmas card design. Each entry earned their House a House Point and the winning entry earned ten House Points. The girls worked on their designs over the half term break and the submission deadline was the first Friday back.

Thirty five entries were received with some truly high calibre work. The girls certainly put a lot of thought and effort into their submissions. The full exhibition of entries can be seen on our Pinterest Boards.

Congratulations to the winner, Berlin (Year 9, Rowntree) whose illustration of a robin in front of School House is the first-ever winning entry to have been designed on an iPad.

Berlin said of her win, “I was really happy to hear my design had been chosen. I didn’t expect it because everyone else in my class had produced such good designs. I am happy to have won because I worked very hard on it. I’d got a new iPad app and have been using it a lot very recently, and I’ve been trying out new skills on how to work with it.  I thought it would be a good idea to give it a try to design it on my iPad and try something different.

When asked which artists she finds inspiring, Berlin thoughtfully answers, “I really like David Hockney, who does some of his work on his iPad. I’ve seen a lot of his work. I’ve also always liked Vincent van Gogh a lot.

Berlin is full of praise for the other entries in the competition, “I’ve seen a lot of my class’s work because we worked on our pictures and showed them around and they were all very good and very original.

The Christmas Card Design Competition is an annual tradition. Looking forward to next year, and the advice she would give to girls entering, Berlin advises, “Try your hardest and put a lot of effort in and don’t worry if it goes wrong. Mine went wrong at the start, but I just kept going and fixed my mistakes.