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College Biologists Look at Species Abundance


College Biologists did themselves proud on their residential practical field trip earlier this week.  They performed a number of tasks and activities which are relevant to their A-Level studies.

In a running stream, they sampled freshwater ecology, using a variety of sampling techniques to examine species abundance and richness in different parts of the stream.

In Mosedale, they examined the diversity of heather moorland and conducted a succession study.

Taking advantage of the lack of light pollution, the girls and staff took in star-gazing at the night sky. They saw the planet Mars, the Milky Way and numerous other recognisable constellations.

There was some low-level ‘hunting’ involved, too. Girls set mammal traps and left them out overnight.  The traps were filled with straw bedding and plenty of food for the ‘inmates’. They were delighted to find in the morning that they had caught numerous wood mice and even a vole.

No Mount journey would be complete without supplies of cake, of course, to fuel our intrepid adventurers.

Biology teacher Dr Hunt said, “I was incredibly proud of the girls, they were brilliant for the entire time.”

Returning to School on Friday night, the girls were up early the following day to help out with the annual Open Day.