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College I at PeaceJam Slam


College I girls presented their PeaceJam projects at the University of Winchester PeaceJam Slam to conference delegates and keynote speaker, Nobel Peace Laureate Betty Williams (1976).

There are several projects currently underway in College.

CareKits focusses on alleviating extreme poverty, collecting essential items to help the deprived homeless people in the city of York. The girls are making up three categories of “Care Kits”, one for men, one for women and one for children. Included in each kit will be an encouraging note to show that “we recognise the difficulties that so many people face without a stable home.” Once the girls have compiled the CareKits, they will be donated to Carecent, which will manage the distribution.

Another project focusses on mental health awareness and the destigmatisation of mental health issues, employing a myriad of interventions which can be included in an App.

Another project focusses on raising awareness for Green and ecological issues.

Yet another project looks at alleviating period poverty in war-torn regions.

The Mount is a recognised PeaceJam School of Excellence.