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College Languages Students Research Projects

Despite exams being cancelled, A-Level Modern Foreign Languages pupils continued with their work on the Individual Research Project (IRP), which would have been a key part of their final A-Level speaking exam.
The project is a chance to identify a subject or key question of interest to the pupil and which relates to a country or countries where French or German is spoken.
The aim is to develop research and language skills in a very independent way.  Teachers are allowed very little input into the project and subsequent exam performance. Pupils must analyse and summarise their findings in the language they are studying. They give a two-minute presentation, followed by a ten-minute discussion, when they answer questions, develop their arguments and justify conclusions – all backed up with evidence from their research and in French or German.
This year, the College girls researched very diverse topics of personal interest.
  • Elise looked into the ways in which dance is integrated in German schools
  • Denva researched the historic failure and current success of the French women’s football team
  • Naomi was inspired by an open letter signed by 100 French women, including Catherine Deneuve, and so she explored the extent to which the condemnation of feminism is justified in order to preserve French culture.
Incredibly interesting, informative and confident presentations resulted from the work put into these. It was a real joy to listen to the girls and discuss with them in detail such varied topics and issues that are a long way from those covered in the rest of the exam. it is also incredible to think that two years earlier, in their GCSE speaking exam, they have been describing topics such as their holidays, free time interests and how we can protect the planet.
These A-Level presentations demonstrate how far students’ language skills have developed and show the extent of the content, and benefits, of studying a language at A-Level.