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EPQ Outreach Efforts Reach Overseas


The Mount School’s outreach efforts continued during the Easter holidays, with Mr Pattison conducting EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) training for over 50 Chinese educators.

Having previously trained over three-hundred educators across China, Mr Pattison was delighted to have been asked by Pearson Edexcel China to conduct online training this Easter.

All Mount School College I and II pupils complete an EPQ. This year’s projects have included:

  • To what extent had the evolution of injury prevention technology decreased head injuries in rugby over the last 50 years?
  • Are Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors or physical activity a better way to combat depression?
  • Comparing the usefulness of ion mobility spectrometry and X-ray diffraction, in relation to the forensic science of an explosion
  • Evaluating the socioeconomic and political factors causing poverty in Nigeria
  • Evaluating the impacts of intensive avocado production on traditional producer communities and opportunities for sustainable production
  • Debating the ethical implications of artificial intelligence in modern medicines and treatments
  • Institutional racism was the most important factor affecting the Stephen Lawrence investigation. To what extent do you agree?

Research has also shown that doing an EPQ improves A Level attainment, and the EPQ has been shown to enhance performance at university for all students. Between 2015 and 2020, students who had completed an EPQ were roughly half as likely to drop out of university in their first year. Indeed, students were more than 8% more likely to achieve a 2.1 or a 1st class degree with an EPQ, with gains across all ethnicities and social groups.

Diversity and social mobility indicators also show that completing an EPQ can benefit students from diverse circumstances as much or more than their peers. The Mount School York, as a diverse and welcoming community, aims to make the EPQ a vital part of our efforts to prepare our pupils for their future. The projects also encourage pupils to broaden their horizons and tackle important social and cultural issues.

By working with our pupils and with educators worldwide, we can bring a range of benefits to many pupils.

Congratulations to all involved in the EPQ, and may you continue your good work.

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