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Exploring Mars with Robotic Insects


In their Creative Curriculum, Junior School girls have been preparing to explore Mars, inspired by NASA’s Mars Rover with robotic insects they have designed. Our Creative Curriculum encourages pupils to ‘deep dive’ into their learning in a multi-disciplinary, holistic way which gives them a range of options in which to demonstrate what they have learned.

The girls have challenged themselves with how much they can learn about Mars within a minute. They have also been looking at the environment and atmosphere of Mars, using oil pastels to convey the Martian landscape.

With Miss Wilson, we have been using different colours to show what Mars looks like. – Faith (Year 2)

We had to draw what we think Mars looks like, using oil pastels. I know that Mars is not hot, it is actually quite cold. – Daisy (Year 4)

Mars is not red! It is a butterscotch colour. There are little rocks, and sometimes they can burst, and that is what causes the red looking colour.’ – Cecily (Year 3)

Mars is freezing! It is further away from the sun than Earth, and it has a thinner atmosphere.’ – Susannah (Year 2)

We have been drawing pictures of Mars itself. We have a photo that we have taken and we are using paint, oil pastels and coloured tissue paper. – India (Year 5)

Robotic Insects

They also designed robotic insects (or were they insect robots?!) with the aim of having them roam the surface of Mars.

Their robotic insect must be able to function in an environment that is cold, but has lots of sunlight, is rocky, has hills and valleys, has occasional dust storms and has lots of open space with long distances to travel. 

Unsurprisingly the girls’ designs were incredible, practical and imaginative!