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First Training Session for Mount Equestrian Team



The first four Mount girls to join our newly-formed Mount Equestrian Team were chomping at the bit to get started as they met with Team Trainer and international event rider Harriet Morris-Baumber for their first training session during the Easter holidays!

It was great to see a mix of ages come together to train at Harriet’s purpose-built base in Everingham, East Yorkshire: Charlotte (Year 11), Anya (Year 10), Jemima(Year 8) and Molly , who will join the Mount in Year 7 this September.

The girls had a lesson in showjumping with Harriet in her all-weather arena, where they worked on balance, canter rhythm and position, before moving into the cross country field to practice over solid fences, ditches, banks and other obstacles.

The girls and their horses worked very hard and all saw improvement during the training session. The team is looking forward to coming together for further training and aiming to compete in forthcoming showjumping competitions with the National Schools Equestrian Association (NSEA).

Harriet, who is a former Mount girl and British team rider, praised the girls for the effort they put in during the training, and said she’s looking forward to helping the Equestrian Team achieve their goals.

All the girls were a pleasure to teach,” she said. “I look forward to seeing them make progress and work towards their first competition this year. I’m sure they will make both me and the school very proud!

If anyone is interested in joining the Mount Equestrian Team, please contact Lucy Marsh