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Global Awareness Day


Junior School pupils are enjoying Global Awareness Day today.

The children have come in dressed in home clothes that reflect certain countries from around the world.  J6 pupils are having a mini “Turn Around Day” by teaching children in the younger years about the countries they have chosen to study.  The children are working in their Houses (Cadburys, Frys, Rowntrees, Terrys) and are learning about Greece, New Zealand, Spain and the USA.

Global Awareness Day in Junior School
Junior School children dressed up for Global Awareness Day

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“I was teaching the younger children about New Zealand. They were all very interested in this insect, which is found only in New Zealand, and which is really big. They were asking all kinds of questions about the Weta bugs.” – Lily, J6

“My favourite part of Global Awareness Day has been when the Year 6 pupils did the teaching. We’ve looked at all of the countries.” – Romy, J4

“I really enjoyed learning about Hawaiian dancing.” – Milly, J4

“I think my favourite thing today was the puppet show that the Year 6s showed us for learning about Greece.” – Charlotte, J4

“In Spanish, we learned how to do Flamenco dancing!” – Asta, J4

“I really enjoyed dressing up, because we don’t often get to come to school in our own clothes.” – Chloe, J4