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Horse-Trekking Stars


School House boarders and day girls enjoyed a wonderful day of horse-trekking and grooming at Woldgate Trekking Centre near Bridlington.

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It was really nice to be with horses and explore further than the boarding house. Everyone was so kind and we are really happy for this wonderful and exciting opportunity.” – Johanna (Y10) and Martina (Y9)

The horses were funny. I got to touch and brush the horses which was interesting. Riding the horses was exciting and they were cute.” – Jenny (Y7)

I had fun and made some new friends. It was relaxing and the horses were good.” – Alina (Y9)

New experience with new friends.” – Michelle (Y10)

Day girls also joined the outing and very much enjoyed spending the day out together with the boarders. The girls’ enthusiasm for all things equine bodes very well for support for The Mount’s Equestrian team.