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House Meeting!


On Friday the new House Captains convened their first House Meeting for their respective Houses. The girls are currently planning their material for the House Music Competition at the end of the Spring Term. The also invited ideas from their House mates.

They were joined by the Junior School House Captains, who were each warmly welcomed in their respective House meetings.

Our vertical House structure provides additional opportunities for College girls to lead, and for younger girls to mix with pupils from other year groups.

#DidYouKnow Houses at The Mount are named Cadbury, Fry, Rowntree and Terry, after Quaker families whose daughters attended the School and were actively involved in supporting the girls’ school from 1785 onwards. The mid-morning break at The Mount is, to this day, still called ‘Choc Lunch’ because the local chocolate factory would despatch chocolate for the girls to sustain them until lunchtime.