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Inter-House Land Art Challenge


Junior School girls spent a lovely afternoon working in teams to create Land Art for their inter-House competition.

The girls worked in groups of 2s and 3s and had completely free choice for their final artwork. Each piece was scored and the marks were added up. Congratulations Terrys, which won the overall competition, and congratulations to all of the girls for making such inventive and original creations!

I did a large circle with a burst of colours everywhere. It was really cool. I liked the yellow leaves we put in the middle. It gave it a big burst of colour. – Eleanor

I liked it a lot because we could all work together in our little group. Alexia and I made a stegosaurus with spiky seed pods as the spiny back. – Amelie

I really enjoyed it because I worked with someone I’ve never worked with before. We made a spiral around a tree, which looked really effective. – Emelia