At The Mount Junior School all elements of our rounded education prepare our girls for the transition to Senior School.  Our aim is to provide girls with a deep foundation of skills, knowledge and attitudes that will equip them to thrive at secondary level.

The final year at Junior School (Year 6) prepares our pupils for a smooth transition to Senior School.

Our Year 6 class teacher is experienced in providing children with the care and support they need at this time.  Our Year 6 pupils are confident and enthusiastic; they enjoy being the oldest in The Junior School.  

We provide them with the opportunities to nurture this self-assurance and develop their confidence.  Year 6 have the opportunity to train as Playground Leaders creating lunchtime games and activities for younger pupils, Year 6 pupils act as ambassadors for the School,  they captain sports teams and  produce and direct their own end of year Assembly.  By the end of Year 6, we are assured our pupils are ready to move on to the next stage of their education with an excitement for the experiences that lie ahead.

Progress to The Mount Senior School for our girls is automatic, provided there are no significant concerns about a child’s behaviour or ability.  Girls are provided with a ‘Countdown to Year 7’ programme designed to help them with a smooth transition to the Senior School including a ‘Taster Day’, Boarding ‘Tasters’, opportunities to meet Senior School staff and the chance to meet with Year 7 pupils who share with them their experiences of starting Senior School.