We are passionate about girls and their education. We believe an all-girls primary education provides a strong foundation to every girl’s learning journey.


Mount girls are part of a culture where, whatever they do in or out of the classroom, their role models are older girls. They know that girls can achieve because they see it around them every day. Through this supportive and nurturing atmosphere, girls learn from a young age to be secure in themselves and trust their choices.

Mount girls are confident in their voices, they are courageous and they can articulate their thoughts without the fear of getting it wrong. Our girls are happy and grow in self-esteem; they focus their energies on their learning and enjoyment.

The Mount School York – Junior School from The Mount School York on Vimeo.


Come and See

We are extremely proud of The Mount Junior School and we would be delighted to welcome you for a visit.  Our girls are friendly and confident and they enjoy showing children and their families around their school.  Find out how to arrange a visit here by clicking here.