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Junior TasteBuddies

Junior School girls and their taste buds enjoyed a superb treat yesterday with a special TasteBuddies session to tropical Thailand.


During Choc Lunch, Junior School girls enjoyed special snacks and drinks from Thailand, deliciously made by our award-winning caterers, Wilson Vale.

The TasteBuddies programme gives Juniors the chance to sample delicacies from around the world. Previous taste-journeys have explored to Spain and Italy.

The food was really nice. I liked how it tasted inside. My favourite was the juice, because mango is my favourite fruit, and the juice tasted a lot like mango.” – Ivy

I preferred the food because it tasted like potatoes, and I like potatoes.” – Alexa

I liked all of it!” – Charlotte

I really like the drink because it tasted like it had a lot of fruit in it.” – Emily

I really liked the drink. And it felt to good to do something a little different and special at break time.” – Athena

Mount girls enjoy fresh, healthy, delicious meals daily. Wilson Vale actively encourage the girls to try a wide range of produce with each meal and ensure that eating healthily is something they enjoy together. 

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