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Leavers’ Supper & Disco


Together with staff, all Senior School pupils were invited to attend the leavers’ end of term supper and disco on Wednesday evening. 

The celebration was in honour of all the girls and members of staff who are going on to pastures new over the coming weeks and to say farewell to our College II girls who will shortly embark on the next steps of their education and personal journeys.  

Taking full advantage of the early evening sunset, the girls gathered for group photographs on the lawn before heading into the Dining Hall to enjoy a delicious Greek inspired three course meal. The menu was created by the girls themselves and freshly prepared by the catering staff here at school.  Following the meal, College pupils took turns to read a prepared speech, kindly dedicated to the departing staff members, before the night concluded with a disco in the Main Hall. 

Teacher Testimonials:

Dedicated to Miss Bok, Rosie said “I found myself studying Classics at GCSE almost by accident, but it was a lovely accident. Miss Bok’s lessons have made a real impression on me and sparked my deep love of the Classics.” – Rosie, College I 

Honouring Mrs Derbyshire, Izzy said “The music block is such a fun and friendly part of the School and that is definitely down to you and your love for everything music, as well as the smell of the delicious cakes you bake.” – Izzy, College I 

For PE teacher, Miss Howell who unfortunately could not make it on the night, “A big thank you to Miss Howell who joined us in 2018 and has been a wonderful addition to the PE staff. Her balance of fun and competition has made games lessons enjoyable, as well as allowing us to improve our techniques and overall play. When Miss Howell started, she introduced us to Netball tours and has allowed a chance for everyone to participate in large scale tournaments with schools from across the country. It was an amazing experience, and we can’t thank you enough. Overall Mrs Howell’s love for sport, and netball especially, has been infectious and made PE enjoyable and inclusive for all.” – Eleanor, College I 

Leaving the School after many years, Mrs Thompson has had a lasting impact on many pupils and staff members.“Mrs Thompson is the font of all knowledge when it comes to careers and over the years everyone has benefitted immensely from the knowledge and support you have shared. We would like to thank you for everything you have done for us here, over so many years. Mrs Thompson, you have been such a key role in The Mount, and no one will ever forget how much you love Germany… as we are reminded so much. We are all so grateful and wish you the best of luck for the future.”Sophie, College I 

Boarding Staff Testimonials:

Pupils in boarding were also keen to thank the members of boarding staff that have undoubtedly enriched their lives during the time spent here.

“In addition to teachers, in boarding we would also like to thank Miss Sanderson, Miss Brassington, and Miss Pruzina sincerely for your hard work and the warm memories you bring to our boarding life. We all know that it is difficult to put such energetic and lively girls to bed and we would like to thank Miss Sanderson for your patience when we are together, and we would like to express our gratefulness to what you contribute to boarding. You always have such a strong sense of responsibility to everything and are sympathetic when we face difficulties.” 

“Miss Brassington we all agree that you are such a nice and lovely person, and your gentleness will never be forgotten, we really enjoy every time we get to spend together in the boarding house.” 

“Miss Pruzina, you are always a meticulous person and entertain us when I ask you to try Chinese food. We really love chatting with you and your positive attitude in every conversation. We will always miss the iconic door knocks, the good mornings and goodnights, the wonderful times when we stay all day long together will always be present in our hearts. Thank you for making our boarding lives feel like home.” – Angel, College I 

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We would like to wish all our departing staff and pupils the very best of luck for the future and look forward to hearing what wonderful achievements our girls go on to make.

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