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Live Chat with Friends Girls’ School Japan

On Tuesday 8 and Thursday 10 November, Mount girls met in the Esther Tuke Room to enjoy live video chats with pupils from the Friends Girls’ School Japan.

This unique school is one of only two other all-girl Quaker schools in the world. The girls discussed their favourite anime cartoons and were delighted to see a live view of the Tokyo Tower from the school classroom. They also discussed women’s career choices in Japan. The girls in Tokyo were interested to learn all about women’s career choices in the UK, discovering more about their similarities and differences and their influences on career decisions. They each shared their experiences of Silent Meeting as a part of Quaker faith.

The girls could have happily engaged in discussions longer, but unfortunately had to finish due to it being late in Tokyo (5.30pm) and time for classes in York (8.30am).

We hope to enjoy more live chats with the Friends’ School Japan.