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Model United Nations (MUN)


A delegation of five College I girls travelled to Bath for the annual Kingswood School International Model United Nations (MUN) conference.

The girls debated their resolutions and actively participated in the individual sub-committees where they represented Portugal. The girls found the protocols interesting. Eleanor said, “Who knew that third person could be so passive-aggressive?” mimicking with her best speaker’s voice, “Does this delegate not agree?”  Phoenix said, “I assumed it would all be very strict as if it were the real thing. But some people were just like, sure, I’ll just sign your resolution, cool, even though their country had no idea what the issues were, although it was nice in individual committees to have particularly humorous delegates who made it all really fun, like Vatican City.

All agreed that it was a great experience and look forward to taking part again next year. The Kingswood School MUN is a truly international event, with pupils coming from schools on the Continent and the Irish Republic. Eleanor noted, “I did meet some German girls who were in Bath for five days. They drove 16 hours.

The beauty of the MUN trip lies not only in what takes place within the conference. As Georgia notes, “We got to meet new people. That’s another good aspect. It was nice to have time together going for meals in the evening and exploring Bath. It felt like we had the freedom to do that because they trusted us.
Overall the girls found it was, “Definitely a worthwhile experience. I would recommend it to everyone. I really enjoyed it and I hope we get to go again!” 

While The Mount is invited every year to the much-sought-after Kingswood School International MUN, the last Mount delegation attended in 2017. In 2018 the Beast From the East saw the conference cancelled, and in 2019 the event clashed with the half term break.