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Molly’s Right Royal Weekend in Windsor


Molly in Year 9 presented at the Royal Windsor and Chatsworth International Horse Trials recently with her two horses. 

Attending Windsor with her horse Asset, she placed 3rd, with some attendees disappointedly unable to even make the journey due to heavy traffic. Whilst there, Molly saw her Majesty’s Cavalry, much to the delight of some parents who saw it as a perfect disciplinary opportunity, “I heard a few mums telling toddlers that the queen might see them being naughty and tell them off, which made me and my mum both try not to laugh whilst waiting to get food.” 

Competing at Chatsworth International Horse Trials was also a success. Despite not walking the course first, Molly and her horse, Tops came 65th out of over 80-90+ people, including some top eventers. The show was also the ideal location for some celebrity spotting. Over the duration of the weekend, Molly met a few famous people, including Tops’ previous owner who was there to compete at the 4* star level. She also met Top Eventer, Ben Hobday, which she beamed was “pretty cool.” 

“Overall, I have had an amazing time at both Windsor and Chatsworth. Windsor being showing and Chatsworth being 90 arena eventing.”