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The Mount School York is reducing its fees to be affordable to more families.


“We have therefore decided to substantially reduce our day fees to make The Mount School affordable to more families.”

The Mount School  made the announcement to parents at the start of the Summer term, with the new fee structure to take place from September 2018.

Margaret Bryan, who chairs the School’s governing committee, wrote to parents that “over recent years, the independent sector has become progressively more unaffordable for all but the wealthiest families. This situation is not in line with our Quaker ethos, and does not accord with our ambition to offer the benefits of a Mount School education to a wide range of families. We have therefore decided to substantially reduce our day fees to make The Mount School affordable to more families.”

Quaker Ethos

The Mount’s Principal, Adrienne Richmond, said “Independent School fees have almost tripled in the past 30 years*, leaving families simply unable to consider an independent education. The Mount School was founded by York’s Quaker community in 1785, to provide the children of York with an education founded on the values of peace, equality, truth and social justice. To continue to increase our fees and reduce the number of families able to afford the School goes against the vision of our founders. I am delighted that the introduction of more affordable fees will open up our School and its wonderful ethos to more families in York and beyond.

“We are very proud of the bespoke education we provide for all our pupils. Our outstanding exam results, nurturing ethos, tailored curriculum and, most importantly our happy pupils are all evidence of the fantastic education we offer. Preserving the history of the School whilst moving forward into the future by developing our facilities and our educational offer is extremely important to all of us at The Mount.”

Facilities Investments

As well as the initiative to make the School more affordable the Mount School’s future vision also sees major investment in the campus and facilities.  Plans are currently under way to create a Performing Arts Hub at the heart of the School. The first phase will see the construction of a purpose-built dance and drama studio that will be available for use by the community as well as pupils at The Mount. The School will also be investing in refurbishing and developing their sports and boarding facilities over the next academic year.

Ms Richmond adds, “The investment in facilities along with a more affordable fee structure, is all part of the School’s exciting plans to ensure that a Mount School education can be experienced by many more families for many years to come.”

By the 1800s, Quaker businesses in Britain had a well-earned reputation for integrity and being honest.  They pioneered industrial practice which united profit with ethics. For instance, Rowntrees and Terrys in York broadened the scope of their businesses to provide accommodation for their workers, education for children and to campaign for the improvement of labour laws. It is this approach to putting people and the wider community first that The Mount School continues to practice today and our newly announced fee reduction scheme is a testament about that intent.

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*From research carried out by academics at the Centre for Learning and Life Chances in Knowledge Economies and Societies at the UCL Institute of Education.