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Namibia Trip Appeal

Mount pupils on an earlier Namibia visit
Mount girls on a previous school trip to Namibia

This is just a quick update about our upcoming trip to Namibia.  Some Year 11 girls are heading out to Namibia for three weeks. Namibia is on the south-West coast of Africa and has a hot and dry climate.

We are going to go to a school over there. The children have very little and their resources are very poor. We will be doing basic things such as fixing their desks and painting their classrooms. Once we have done this they will have a better working environment, but we want to leave them with some basic stationary so they can continue to learn effectively. Therefore we will be collecting: pencils, crayons, chalks and pencil sharpeners.
We said it was a hot country but it does get very very cold at night. The dormitories the children sleep in are too cold for them. So we will also be collecting: good quality and warm children’s clothes, fleece blankets and knitted or crocheted blanket squares.
We will be collecting these on Family Day so if you could begin to think about it we would be very grateful.
Year 11