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Old Scholars Bring Home Careers Week 


Next week is National Careers Week and the girls have a smorgasbord of presentations from Old Scholars who are kindly taking the time to talk about their professional lives since their days at The Mount.  

Throughout the week during Choc Lunch and Lunchtime, the girls have the opportunity to hear in person or online. Careers include academia, advertising, business, civil service, changing careers, communications, corporate business, doula and parent educator, entrepreneurship, events industry, finance, forestry, freelancing, games design and programming, geotechnical engineering, graduate management traineeship, health, human rights, influencing government policy, landscape design, law, policing, public relations, refereeing, research, software engineering, social worker, sports, technology, telecoms, veterinary medicine and working and studying abroad (Dubai, France, USA).  

The girls have already signed up and look forward to their sessions with the Old Scholars.

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