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Online Artists Create a Stir


Throughout this period of lockdown, Mount girls’ learning journeys have continued, undiminished.

With teaching staff seamlessly transitioning from teaching onsite to online while enjoying their ever-expanding grasp of emerging technologies, the school’s achievements in teaching and learning remain impressive across all year groups and academic disciplines. “Having had three weeks of this half-term, I continue to be impressed by the hard work and determination you are showing in everything that you are doing remotely from home,” Principal Adrienne Richmond told pupils earlier this week.

In Senior School Art, girls continue to progress with their projects and developing concepts in their sketchbooks while Junior School artists are turning STEM into STEAM.

Year 8 are working on a Bird project. Girls spent time looking at the details of feathers, and creating their own feather patterns, and are now working on their birds. They have created wonderful sketches that will be crucial for the next phase of their project.

Shoes are the focus for Year 9. Girls have been looking at the detail of the humble shoe and are recreating those magnified details in large drawings. This will lead on to a very special sculpture project which has become a rite of passage within the Senior School.

GCSE and College Artists are working diligently from home on their sketchbooks and large artworks, kindly supported by Mrs G’s online teaching. Her guidance involves not only helpful remarks but also, and more importantly, curating inspiring ideas on her Pinterest page and even posting out hard-to-find art supplies and printouts.

Meanwhile, in the Junior School, children have been putting the Art into STEAM with this half-term’s Explore Discover Create creative curriculum topic, Blood, Bones and Burps, where they learn all about bodies. They watched a tutorial with Swedish illustrator Mattias Adolfson, and then drew their own renditions of every day objects which they then turned into characters by giving them bodily characteristics.

Girls in Years 5&6, who have been studying blood components, made their own sculptures of the components.

They also created their own home-made ‘blood smoothies’ by identifying an ingredient to represent each blood component, which they then stirred together to make their own “blood”.

The girls are also encouraged to explore extension activities or even pursue their own twist on the topic, which leads to some extraordinarily good results.