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PeaceJam Pops In to Inspire & Praise Proud Mount Pupils


A moving morning meeting today saw Luke & Fay from PeaceJam give a fascinating talk to celebrate The Mount’s many PeaceJam achievements over the years, and encourage more going forward. This was their third session in school this week.

Our core PeaceJam Sixth Form group consisting of Ava, Libby & Caterina have attended many PeaceJam Slams and online discussion groups to realise their dreams to make a difference in the world, in line with our school Quaker aims and values. They are part of the PeaceJam UK Youth Team.

Our Year 7s are currently looking at a project to consider ‘our attitude to small creatures’ and how this can be applied to empathy and compassion across all relationships.

Year 8s are looking at how to organise further ‘compassionate’ trips like the existing Christmas visits to local care homes to sing and socialise which pupils so enjoy.

Fay from PeaceJam, said:

“PeaceJam is yours. We exist to support young people to take action. The Mount has an amazing long history with us, more than any other school we work with. It’s a real privilege to be collaborating with you. We visit many schools and often use The Mount as an example of how PeaceJam is being done really well, to inspire them. You should be so proud of this. So many Mount pupils have shown such commitment over the years and planned and delivered amazing projects like the Care Homes and Community Badges.”

Deputy Head, Bridget Perks, said to gathered Mount pupils:

“This all comes from you! Let’s go out there and show that we are PeaceJam.”

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