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Pre-School Santa Dash for Refugee Children


This morning our pupils in Pre-School, Reception J1 and J2 held a Santa Dash to raise funds for children in refugee camps in Northern Greece, to help those children continue their education while seeking asylum.

Pupils’ Idea
Santa Dashers run for LearnBags
The children on their Santa Dash, being cheered on by girls in the Senior School

The idea was the brainchild of children on The Mount Junior School’s Sports Committee. Rachel Capper, Head of The Mount Junior School, said, “The children were very keen to support LearnBags, after they saw the success last year of the school’s support for the LifeBag appeal, which also helped refugee children in Northern Greece.

LearnBags Appeal for Refugee Children

“Our pupils understand that many of the refugees are escaping civil war, and that the camps have very few resources for children. The LearnBags will be pencil cases filled with education essentials, such as pens and pencils, an eraser, pencil sharpener, a ruler and a gluestick. Our pupils will use the funds they raise to order items they will donate for the LearnBag appeal,” said Ms Capper.

Children running to raise money for LearnBags
Children in their Christmas hats run for LearnBag appeal

The initiative is part of The Mount’s PeaceJam curriculum, based on a programme devised by Nobel Peace Laureates to teach young people to become ambassadors for peace and drive global peace initiatives in their local communities. In 2016, The Mount and The Mount Junior School became the first school in the UK to be recognised as a PeaceJam School of Excellence in the senior and junior years.

Says Rachel Capper, “Today the children in Key Stage 1 (ages 2 to 7 years) ran their Santa Dash and tomorrow our Key Stage 2 (ages 7 to 11 years) children will have their Dash, just before our annual MSA Christmas Fayre. We are all so proud of our Junior School children for proposing their wonderful idea, and creating this event today which, our Pre-School pupils not only enjoyed so immensely but understood that they can make a difference in the lives of others.”

End of the Santa Dash
Some of the children who raced today