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Pre-School & Junior School Egg-citable Egg Hunt


Pupils in Pre-School & Junior School were treated to an Easter egg hunt in Principal Mr Griffith’s back garden, very kindly arranged by the Easter Bunny himself.

The Easter Bunny had been very busy indeed on the last day of term as he set about hiding a selection of sweet treats in Principal, Mr Griffith’s garden. Pupils from Pre-School and Junior School gathered their Easter baskets and wore there beautifully decorated Easter bonnets as they walked across to the nearby garden, unaware of what would greet them behind the gate.

The girls were surprised to find that the garden had been laden with handcrafted decorations and a selection of eggs hidden – one with each of their names on them. As the girls looked high and low for their eggs, the sounds of excitement and anticipation filled the air.

An excitable Brooke shared what was inside her Easter egg, “Everybody has one of these chocolates, I’ve got a pink one and they have some sweeties” 

“I’ve got a yellow one, and I’ve got some gummies” – Emily

Completely unaware of what was about to unfold, Mrs Capper, Head of Junior School explained as she spoke to the excitable girls at the start of the hunt, “It looks as if the Easter Bunny has been in here and it looks as if he knew you were coming.”


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