Our Quaker Ethos

The Mount School’s ethos is led by our Quaker values: simplicity, truth, equality, peace and social justice.  These values are shared in our Pre-School setting.  All of our children are respected as individuals and taught to respect themselves and others. We know young children are learning about the world around them and we aim to develop their curiosity. They are encouraged to make their own decisions, share their ideas and take risks. The Pre-School’s environment nurtures the confidence each child needs to try new experiences and discover the world around them.

The Mount Pre-School gives every child  the chance to learn, grow and develop in a supportive environment whilst having fun at the same time. We pride ourselves in delivering quality care tailored to each child.


Creativity thrives in our Pre-School setting.  Children have the freedom to express themselves through art, dance, music and imaginative play. The bright and stimulating environment nurtures creative thinking.  The Mount’s specialist music teacher and staff within The Mount Junior School enhance the Pre-School children’s creative learning.  Children leave the Pre-School with confidence and self-assurance of their own thoughts and expressions.

School Life

As part of The Mount Junior School children are happily involved in wider school life.  As well as accessing all of the School’s fantastic facilities, Pre-School children join in with celebrations and performances.  Pre-School children are introduced to the School setting through enjoyable activities preparing them for life in Reception.

Forest School

Some children prefer to learn outside and we positively encourage all our pupils to do just that. Our Pre-School children visit our onsite Forest School each week: taking the children’s education into a different environment stimulates their learning and enjoyment.  Children take part in a range of enjoyable outdoor activities, learning to express their curiosity freely, asking questions and finding out about the world around them.  Most of all, being outside gives children the freedom to run, play, explore and imagine!

Come and See

We are extremely proud of The Mount Pre-School and we would be delighted to show you around.  Our children are thoughtful, friendly and confident and they love showing off their Pre-School to visitors.  Find out how to arrange a visit here.