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Royal Geographical Society research visit – East Greenland Expedition Group 2023


Members of the Borealis Society East Greenland Expedition 2024 group have now firmly commenced their preparations for this exciting venture. As an integral part of their preparations, three of the expedition group will visit the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) in South Kensington to use the Foyle Reading Room and Map Room, on Thursday March 9th.

School groups are not normally allowed to use these facilities but The Mount group have been given special permission to do so accompanying Nigel Bidgood, the Greenland Expedition Leader and James Wadddington, the Deputy Head of College, who are both Fellows of the RGS.

Mary Betteridge, now studying at The University of York, and a member of The Borealis Society Expedition to North-west Iceland in 2022 will also be part of this group. Mary is the first recipient of the sponsorship as part of The Mount School Trainee Leader programme. This programme will allow her to further develop her mountaineering and expedition skills as she progresses towards becoming an Assistant Leader on the East Greenland Expedition in 2024. 

The visit to the RGS will give the group the opportunity to conduct research into the expedition area in East Greenland using maps and expedition reports, from previous Greenland expeditions, housed in the RGS archives. This will allow the expedition to identify accurately its own mountaineering and educational objectives for their challenging venture in 2024. 

With this firmly in mind the next Borealis Society Winter Lecture is now on Friday 21st April (having been postponed from Friday 10th March) commencing in the School Hall at 7:00pm. Nigel Bidgood FRGS, will deliver a presentation on the “Origins and adaptation to survival of the Arctic Flora of East Greenland” in which he will outline the details of the major science project that the expedition group will be carrying out during this mountaineering and academic research expedition. The presentation will give an insight, not only into the survival of plants in East Greenland in the present day but will also look at survival during and between the Quaternary Ice Ages. 

The lecture will examine important evolutionary processes such as adaptation, isolation, gene flow, speciation and extinction firmly within the sphere of climatic change culminating in precise details of the actual research that the expedition group will carry out in the field in East Greenland in 2024. It will also provide a stunning visual introduction into the amazing Arctic landscapes of East Greenland. 

Everyone is most welcome to attend. To register please follow the link: Register Attendance

The Borealis Society Winter Lecture Series:

Friday 21st April 2023 7pm – 8.30pm  
Origins and adaptation to survival of the Arctic Flora of East Greenland

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