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Sports Day Fun


Girls from throughout the school enjoyed a fantastic Sports Day yesterday with great team spirit and a sense of occasion.

Junior School girls competed in their carousels on the fields of Lower New and Senior School girls took part on the main field with the introduction of new events (high jump in the Sports Hall and rounders ball throw on the lawns). College girls assisted with the running of the event.

See our Gallery of photographs, taken by Cici in College I.

The event had to be rescheduled twice due to inclement weather, and thankfully the girls and their supportive families were able to enjoy a brilliant afternoon in the sun.

Overall results: 

Junior School: 

4th: Terry

3rd: Rowntree

2nd: Cadbury

1st: Fry

Senior School: 

4th: Fry

3rd: Rowntree

2nd: Terry

1st: Cadbury

Overall points: 

4th: Rowntree

3rd: Terry

2nd: Fry

1st: Cadbury