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Summer Soirée Series – 20 May


We are delighted to release the penultimate of our Summer Soirée Series. Today’s video features truly exceptional LAMDA Acting monologues and duologues for Grade 5, Bronze and Gold Medal awards.

Musical pieces feature Voice, Voice with British Sign Language, Piano and Flute.


Acting Grade 5: Ava (Year 9) – An Inspector Calls, J.B Priestley 

Acting Bronze Medal: Chloe (Year 10) – 100 Words for Snow, Tatty Hennessy; Jo (Year 10) – Too Much Punch For Judy, Mark Wheeller; Ophelia & Millie (Year 10), Blue Stockings, Jessica Swale 

Acting Gold Medal: Abi (College I) – Medea, Euripides and The Crucible, Arthur Miller; Caroline (College I) – Electra, Sophocles and Breathing Corpse, Laura Wade; Verity (College I): Richard III, William Shakespeare and Caged Birds, David Campton 

Piano: Amelia (Year 7) – Clog Dance, Peter Ludwig Hertel; Kitty (Year 7) – A Whole New World, Alan Menken 

Voice and British Sign Language: Jo (Year 10) – A Thousand Years, Perri and Hodges 

Voice: Verity (College I) – Somewhere That’s Green, Alan Menken  

Flute: Martha (College II): Chanson, John Rutter 


The final in the Summer Soirée Series will be published on 27 May.