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Superheroes I Could Have Been


Year 5 have been inspired by the poem Superheroes I Could Have Been by Roger Stevens to invent their own superheroes. These have included Cheese Woman (whose catchphrase is, ‘It’ll Brie alright!’), The Reverse Burglar (who sneaks into your house by night to clean it!), Gaming Girl (who holds the key to every door in every realm) and, perhaps the most useful superhero at the current time, Quarantina Girl, who sends everyone home and keeps us safe!

CheeseWoman says, “It will brie OK!”

This is Amelie’s poem.

Superheroes I Could Have Been

After accidentally rescuing planet Earth

I was offered the chance

To become a superhero

Unfortunately all the best positions had gone.

This is what was left:

Gardener Gran

(Knows her weeds from her seeds.)

Mr Know-It-All

(Always there for some needy deeds.)

Sir Bookworm

(He reads loads of books but can’t keep awake.)

Super Cake Woman

(Delivers cakes when you haven’t got time to bake.)

The Bird Man

(Whose favourite bird is a crow.)

Mrs Circus

(Who puts on a great show.)

Captain Tom (The oldest superhero of all.)

Mrs Chatter Box

(When you are lonely she gives you a nice friendly call.)

I could have been Cheese Woman

The greatest superhero of all time.

I could have been Captain Poetry

But I couldn’t think of a rhyme.

I could have been Dr Citrus

But I didn’t like squeezing lime.

I could have been Captain Adventurous

But I wouldn’t go down a mine.
– By Amelie (Y5)