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The Mount Donates Safety Goggles to Hospice


The Mount today proudly donated personal protective safety equipment (PPE) to York’s leading hospice in answer to an appeal.

The Mount School York gave 85 glasses-styled science eye protector safety goggles from the Sciences laboratories and 100 sets of disposable gloves to St Leonard’s Hospice for use by the charity’s palliative care nurses.

In an appeal to York-area schools, the hospice was sourcing any stock of science safety goggles to cope with an expected increased caseload in the coming weeks. Their normal supply chain had no extra stock and was not expecting another delivery for up to six weeks. The goggles, specifically, have proven effective in protecting front line nurses dealing with Covid-19 cases in Italy and France. Following donations from local schools, the hospice now expects to be able to cope with demand for this PPE for their palliative care staff.

Adrienne Richmond, Principal of The Mount School said today, “With schools’ premises closed to prevent the spread of covid-19, it’s better for this safety equipment to be used in protecting the hospice’s palliative care nurses than sitting unused in our laboratories. Front line staff are making an invaluable service in these times and we all need to do our bit, whether that means staying home and teaching online as our staff have this past week, or in other ways. As a Quaker school, The Mount’s ethos encourages our pupils to contribute to our wider community. I am delighted to help in this way and I know the whole school will wholeheartedly agree.”