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The Mount Shortlisted for ‘Small independent School of the Year’ Award Again!


At The Mount we are so delighted to be recognised as a top independent school for the second year running with our recent shortlisting for ‘Small independent School of the Year 2024’ by the prestigious Independent Schools of the Year Awards.

In a year when they received a record number of entries, judges who shortlisted us were impressed by how:

  • Mount pupils know that being small encourages them to ignore limitations and see potential. ‘Though she be but little, she is fierce,’ A Midsummer Night’s Dream, William Shakespeare.
  • Our small yet perfect size fosters a sense of belonging. Staff know each child’s needs and personality in depth and can tailor their teaching and pastoral support accordingly. The whole staff body know pupil names and can advise them right through school and beyond.
  • Younger girls interact daily with older girls from breakfast through to afterschool activities, joining together in performance and celebration, at mealtimes, as one whole school, from 3 to 18.
  • Being small, means everyone truly participates in everything, pushing against comfort zones and building resilience. Here, sport is for all.
  • We work with local bodies to bolster provision for students. Collaborations with Patricia Veale Dance, Adam’s Aquatics and Leeds Rhinos Netball have boosted opportunities for students to hone their skills. We participate in the York Small Schools Network along with state schools and York Independent State School Partnership (ISSP) where we share our Latin expertise.
  • Our size also allows for great adventure. Small groups undertake expeditions to Iceland or Greenland with our Borealis Society (a trip to East Greenland set off on July 5, 2024) where the integration of scientific and academic studies result in intrepid Arctic mountaineering expeditions.
  • Mount pupils are encouraged to look without, but also within such as the school’s exhibition of notable Old Scholars which examines the lives of over thirty former Mount pupils including Dame Judi Dench. Uniting these amazing women in their ‘faithfulness in small things’ – fidelis in parvo, our motto – shows how valuing small details can truly lead to great things!
  • We may be small but we stand tall.

David Griffiths, Principal, said: “The Mount is small yet mighty. Pupils know that being a small school is not a hindrance, it encourages pupils to look beyond limitations and see potential in the world around them.

Mount pupils constantly enjoy opportunities to test themselves beyond the school gates, such as the Bath Model United Nations for public speaking, regional competitions in all academic fields, including the UK Maths Trust, and performing arts contests like the Northern Ballet Dance Competition and The Great Dance Off.”

The final nominations for the Independent School Awards will be announced in early September. Watch this space. . .

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