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The Mountie Bucket List – Summer 2022


Keeping entertained over the long summer holidays can be a challenge for even the most inquisitive and curious minds. With full schedules and a range of engaging activities readily available over the school day at The Mount, we understand that keeping your days filled with exciting plans will be something that you may wish to continue in the summer holidays. For those days when you need a little helping hand keeping the boredom at bay, why not take on the #mountiebucketlist challenge below?  

Our helpful checklist features some of the fun activities enjoyed this year at school so you can create them at home, as well as some typical summer favourites that can be enjoyed regardless of the unreliable British weather we are now accustomed to.  

  1. Take inspiration from Reception and Year 1’s trip to Tropical World earlier in the year and explore your garden to see how many distinct species of butterfly you can find. Butterflies love the hot and humid weather, so this is the perfect option for a sunny summer’s day.
  2. Dipping your toes in the sea, or braving a full paddle is a wonderful way to cool down when the heat becomes a little too much. On another school trip, Early Years, Year 1 and Reception visited for a day at the seaside. Here they tucked into an ice cream and splashed around in the water.
  3. As part of the Family Day celebrations attended by the whole school, the girls invited their families into the grounds to bask on the lawns and delight in a delicious picnic together. The day was an extra special occasion as it followed the annual Foundation Meeting, in which the departing College II pupils and exceptional achievers were honoured with a certificate of appreciation. Head out into the garden or visit the local park with your picnic basket to recreate this lovely day.
  4. Our pupils created beautiful non-permanent artwork, certain to brighten up even the most overcast of days during the ‘Small is Beautiful’ Eco Festival. With brightly coloured chalks, you too can decorate your paths and bricks with pretty pictures and murals that will simply wash away when required.
  5. Another favourite from the Eco Festival was the relaxing cloud bathing activity. With your headphones in and your favourite music playing, or with the company of a delightful book, simply relax on the grass and look up into the sky. Can you make out any shapes from the clouds above or picture any scenes? Cloud bathing, sometimes referred to as forest bathing is the act of spending time in the outdoors and promotes better health, happiness, and a sense of calm. Let your senses takeover as you breathe in your surroundings and absorb the joy of nature.
  6. Years 5 and 6 learnt all about road safety as part of their Bikeability course. Having learnt the basic rules of the road, put these to beneficial use and go on a bike ride with your friends or family. There are a range of designated safe cycle routes around the York area, meaning you can follow a set trail without the worry of getting too lost along the way.
  7. The summer holidays are the perfect opportunity to have a well-deserved break from learning and the classroom environment, but it is perfectly normal to miss your school friends. Especially those you would typically spend time with every day. Keep them up to date with all your holiday adventures by writing them a letter. All too often we can forget the tiny details that make a day special. By journaling before bedtime, you can ensure you do not forget any of the important tales you cannot wait to share with them. If you know their address, you could even post it to them, or save them up to swap when you return to school.
  8. As September approaches you may think back to your first ever day of school. At The Mount we welcome new starters during any point of the year, and to any year group. For some pupils, September this year may be their first term here, creating a friendship bracelet for anyone new in your class is a lovely way to welcome them to the school and help them settle in. During the last term of school, pupils across all years did a wonderful job at welcoming new starters as they shared their positive experiences together before everyone broke up for the summer.
  9. A favourite past time of the Eco Club is tending to the greenhouses around the school. With a sprinkle of seeds and a dash of care and attention, you could grow some flowers in the garden at home. Alternatively, if cooking or baking is more your thing, why not grow some fresh herbs to season your delicious recipes, or some fresh fruits for accompanying your baking?
  10. You may be lucky enough to stay up that little bit later during the school holidays. Take inspiration from the ‘The Big Sleepover’ and plan yourself the perfect night in. Enjoy a night of board games, late night snacks and lots of giggles with your friends or family. Change up the environment and take your duvet and cosy blankets downstairs or put up the tent in the garden and enjoy an outdoor adventure, not too far from your home comforts!

    As always, we love to hear all about what our pupils achieve and enjoy outside of the School. If you successfully complete any of the ‘Mountie Bucket List’ make sure you share it with us. 

Enjoy the summer holidays, and we look forward to hearing all about your adventures when school resumes! 



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