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Year 8 enjoy a Boarding Sleepover

In May, after their exam week girls in Year 8 were invited to a sleepover in the boarding house.  The girls enjoyed a treat after exams spending relaxing time with friends and experiencing a taste of life as a boarder at The Mount School.
“A few days before the sleepover, in exam week, we received some special invitations, inviting us to join boarding and go for a sleepover. All of us were very excited when we read the invite, and we were all very eager to join boarding because we wanted a reward after our exam week.
On the evening of the sleepover we all got settled into the boarding living room, which was going to be our home for the night. We then ate some yummy dinner, and decided to go watch the Junior School play,It’s Time”. We thought their play was amazing, and especially liked the UV lights at the end.
After that, we went upstairs to the living room and decided where everyone was going to sleep. Once that was done, we watched the movie Grown Ups whilst we ate Monster Munch, lemon sherbets and some Penguin chocolate bars. After the film we had great fun talking about what we enjoyed about the movie, and playing hide-and-seek in the dark!
We all woke up early the next morning, as we had a rounders match. A little tired, we all got ready to go to play at our best.
We all loved the event and thought it was a great experience to see what being a boarder was like!”  – By Lilly, Year 8
“I really enjoyed the sleepover and thank you for supplying us with snacks; Monster munch crisps and penguin biscuits”– Sorcha
“The Sleep over was very fun and I liked the Monster Munch!”– Romilly
“It was so fun. I really enjoyed it. Thank you for organising this sleep over for us”– Sude