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Year 9 Sleepover Club


It was only good luck and positive vibes for the Boarding House this Friday 13th as the boarders welcomed an additional 15 pupils to stay with them for the first Year 9 sleepover of the year.  

The girls were joined by their friends for a night of fun and laughter, with the inclusion of sleepover staple; a wonderfully comforting hot chocolate. The year group sleepovers are always an exciting event, with the boarders eager to offer a glimpse into life at The Mount after the school day ends. Our day pupil population can enjoy a taste of the boarding experience as well as gain an understanding of the fantastic opportunities and wide range of activities available to boarding students each day.  

The welcome guests took advantage of the space and facilities as they took turns playing hide and seek before relaxing to chat and catch up over hot chocolate.

“It is great to have more same-age friends join us, particularly at the weekend” – Angelina Kang

“It was really fun” – Amelia Murgatroyd 

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