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Tense National Language Competition for Year 9 Team


Four of our Year 9 pupils (Isla, Emily, Katie and Amelia) represented The Mount School in the GCHQ National Language Competition last week. 

Pupils from across the UK were set a variety of exciting, language-themed challenges via an online learning platform, with the aim to score the most points.  

The girls entered their team outside of lessons and dedicated their free time in breaks and lunches to complete as many challenges as possible in the allotted time. Their hard work and determination paid off with the team securing themselves firmly in the top 25% of all teams nationally.  

The challenge featured a variety of different languages, including those that the pupils had never studied before.  

“It was difficult and time-consuming, but it was a great opportunity for us. One challenge I did was in an Ethiopian language called Amharic. I was trying to crack something in that language which was very interesting. We didn’t know the languages prior to the challenge.” – Katie  

“The Chinese task was good. In one of them, some of the characters looked like the word it represented so you could sometimes work it out like that which helped.”Amelia 

“I liked the Chinese, and Latin challenges the most, they were interesting.” – Isla 

To celebrate their efforts, the girls were awarded certificates and in true Mount School tradition, Smarties during Friday’s morning meeting. Well done, or should we say ‘bene factum’ to all participants! 

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