The Mount School Bursary Fund provides financial support to allow pupils to access an education at The Mount School.

The Mount School offers bursaries to academically able pupil pupils based on a combination of need and outstanding abilities

Bursaries have enabled the School to nurture inspirational leaders, confident sportswomen and passionate musicians, artists and academics.

Bursaries are awarded to pupils whose parents might not otherwise be able to afford The Mount School. As The Mount School is known for it’s academic excellence and nurturing ethos parents aspire to send their children to The Mount and the number of requests for bursarial support increases. Therefore, the Foundation must rely on the generosity of Old Scholars, parents and friends for bursarial support to ensure a strong future for the School.

If you wish to  donate to the bursary fund and help more hard working pupils access an education at The Mount, please visit our How to Donate page.

Lydia Rous and Lucy Harrison Trusts

The Lydia Rous and Lucy Harrison Trusts were set up in memory of two former Heads of the Mount School.

Lydia Rous

Lydia Rous was Superintendent of the Mount School from 1866 until 1879. The first mention of the Lydia Rous Memorial Fund was in 1897 and it was set up originally to pay for further education.

Girls in College II, who have been at school for no less than two years, apply to become the Lydia Rous Scholar for the year. The award is made to the applicant who, in the opinion of the Committee, with help from members of staff, has contributed most to the school, both academically and in service. A scholarship is awarded for each year of the student’s first degree.


Lucy Harrison Bursary Fund

Lucy Harrison was Head of the Mount School from 1890 until 1902.This Bursary Fund was set up in 1923. In 1977, monies raised in recognition of Joyce (Blake) Pickard’s time as Head (1960-1977), was added to the Fund.

Bursaries are given to daughters of Old Scholars from either The Mount; members of the Society of Friends; or those recommended by Old Scholars, although the Funds are always available for cases of special need. Applications should initially be made through the Bursar of the Mount School.