At The Mount School our pupils’ well-being and happiness are at the centre of all we do. We believe care and support are fundamental to girls achieving their best. Our outstanding pastoral care allows each pupil to fulfil their own potential both academically and socially.

We are experts in understanding the challenges girls face as they grow up

We understand their friendship dynamics, their distractions and their ambitions.  We provide personalised pastoral support, creating a calm and caring community in which girls flourish both academically and socially. 

Driven by our Quaker principles, we place an emphasis on respecting and valuing every individual  

Girls are taught to care and look out for each other. Our pastoral system is devised to support and empower girls to encourage confidence and self-esteem. Our girls-only calm and caring environment ensures that every girl’s school days are happy, secure and successful.  In our recent ISI inspection in 2018 we were graded as ‘excellent’ for our pupils’ personal development, as the benefits of working within a Quaker ethos shone through in abundance. 

“The ethos of tolerance and care for others is found throughout the school. Pupils are able to communicate with each other and their teachers very well. They exhibit particularly strong listening skills.” ISI Inspection 2018


Our staff passionately support and encourage our pupils

We know them well and provide, support and guidance tailored to each girl.  Our pastoral care team includes Class Teachers, Personal Tutors, Heads of Years, and the Senior Leadership team.  The Mount’s dedicated full-time staff nurse, provides expert health care for all ages in our on-site Health Centre.

Our Pastoral care system is designed to ensure every one of our pupils enjoys their time at  School

It is not just staff who care but all our girls show great care and compassion for one another and that is what makes The Mount community very special indeed. Step into any classroom at any age and you will find girls who are happy, engaged, passionate and truly involved in their learning.