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From The Mount School to Belize by Nina Nye

Last year Old Scholars were asked to fill out a contact form to include points of interest in our lives since leaving the Mount. I dutifully did this and promptly forgot about it.  Imagine my surprise upon receiving an email asking if I might write a few words for the upcoming MOSA newsletter!


Medical Adventures in Mongolia by Yasmin Jauhari

We had been riding our ponies for around 8 hours across the Mongolian mountains, through wind and rain. And just as our expedition got to the top of the hill, one of the ponies’ legs gave way and a man fell off his horse – they called for the medic…me! CONTINUE READING

What The Mount Taught Me by Rebecca Johnson

My time at The Mount School were some of the happiest days of my life. At the time the daily routines of prep, choc lunch, morning meetings and learning texts seemed routine and uninteresting- it is only with the context of time do I truly appreciate how lucky I was to be raised there. I began school in September of 1994- the era of grunge, Nirvana, baggy t-shirts, Brit-pop, chokers and cool Britannia. CONTINUE READING


Life Lessons from The Mount by Ruth Finnegan

I was born and brought up in Ireland – Derry (then, alas, a city of murderous religious battles) and the gentler Donegal – and then, from the age of 13, attended the peace-loving Mount School. There I learned the value of music, of speaking beautiful words aloud – those texts! – and, above all, of silence and waiting, fundamental all my life.  CONTINUE READING