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At The Mount Senior School, careers information, advice and guidance is designed to provide all pupils with a planned course of activities to assist in making confident choices  for their futures.  We support all girls in their transition to Sixth Form and beyond.

Informed, active and responsive, our girls are equipped to thrive in tomorrow’s challenging global workplace

Self-knowledge and self-motivation are encouraged throughout the School curriculum and the Careers Department plays its part in this by way of a comprehensive and systematic programme of careers information, advice and guidance from Year 9. Pupils as young as Year 7 do however, engage in Careers based activities and attend our bi-annual Careers Fair.

Pupils will be adults in a world where careers will change radically during their working lives and they will need to recognise the importance of retraining and using their imagination and initiative as they try to plot the way forward.

We therefore help our pupils to:

  • develop knowledge and understanding of themselves as individuals, their ability to relate to others, their intellectual strengths and weaknesses, their abilities, skills and personalities and to recognise their potential, needs, attitudes and values.
  • acquire knowledge of the world of employment and career opportunities available.

All girls in Year 11 undertake a two week work experience programme

This takes place immediately after GCSE examinations in the Summer Term. Work experience allows pupils to find out at first hand the reality of work, the people skills which are essential for a happy working environment, the good organisation which is part of team working and how to be considerate towards others.

Moving On to Sixth Form

At The Mount Senior School all elements of our rounded education prepare our girls for Sixth Form and studying A Levels.  We provide our pupils with a deep foundation of skills, knowledge and attitudes that will equip them to thrive in the Sixth Form.

Progress to Sixth Form is automatic for our girls, provided there are no significant concerns about a girls’s behaviour or ability.  Girls are provided with a ‘Countdown to College’ programme designed to help them with a smooth transition to the Sixth Form including a ‘Taster Day’, opportunities to find out more about A Levels and the chance to socialise withSixth Form girls to find out about their time at The Mount Sixth Form.